Next Level Chops was founded in 2016 by Harrison Weston-Cottrell. The concept of the entire project is to build a vast hub of information for all drummers to enjoy. With well over 100 videos on our YouTube channel we have everything from exclusive reviews of the latest products, to historical content featuring a wide variety of drums, some of which  date back to the late 19th Century. 

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Featured Videos showcase some of the top drummers in the UK. So far we've studied the origins of the drum kit with Sticky Wicket, discussed the upcoming 2019 Vintage Drum Show with Simon John, and coming soon is a segment with World Class drum tech 'French Freddie' on concert toms, and tuning techniques.

Reviews of cymbals from UFIP and Vulcan. All new 'Crosstown' hardware from Yamaha. Drum accessories from Cympad, Muffkopf and Spinbal etc. Check out our latest product review of 'Thread Locks' by custom drum company Zebra Drums.

Shaw Percussion Drum Kit
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