Neil Bullock

Hi everyone, here is Neil performing a stunning solo on a vintage Slingerland Radio King drum kit, owned by Big Band drummer Garry Allcock. Neil is a fantastic drummer and is highly regarded on the Uk scene. 


Jack Amblin

Drum Solo 2019

In this video Jack is performing a drum solo he had written in mind of using a floor tom to the left of his hi-hats. I love the musicality Jack demonstrates throughout this performance, playing around a theme which he continues to develop. 


Simon John's

Vintage Drum Show 2019

Here is a walk around this year's Simon John's Vintage Drum Show where Harry did some filming. There is more content to come from the show but we wanted to show you a few of the interesting drums/stalls that were there. 


Tuning and Concert Toms - 


Here is a video with the wonderful 'French Freddie' which talks about how we can use mesh drum heads to replace standard resonant heads, giving a concert tom sound.


Simon John's Vintage Drum Show

If you have an interest in vintage drums then be sure to check out the 'Simon John's Vintage Drum Show' which will be taking place on the 12th and 13th October 2019. 

See this short video to find out more.


Jumping at the Woodside - Count Basie

A cover of 'Jumping at the Woodside' by Count Basie and his Orchestra. We just love making these vintage drum cover videos and what a cool 1930s drum kit Sticky is playing on!


Vintage Chops and Grooves - PT1

Vintage Chops and Grooves is our Series feauturing everyone's favourite vintage drum expert 'Sticky Wicket.' In Part 1 we look at some very early drum grooves and rhythms, stay tuned for the rest of the series. 


Vintage Chops and Grooves -PT2

In this video we are looking in depth at the drumming styles of the iconic: Warren 'Baby' Dodds and Zutty Singleton. We are also going on a journey through the history of the different drum kit techniques that were being developed at the time.


Vintage Chops and Grooves - Pt3

In this video Sticky demonstrates one of his many vintage music players, as we take in a classic Louis Armstrong track on vinyl. 

Later we delve into the developing Chicago scene that was emerging at the time and how Armstrong went on to be such an important figure in Jazz history. 



Dance Away Your Blues- GoPro Cam

Harrison Weston-Cottrell drumming with Ricky Cool and the In Crowd performing original song "Dance Away Your Blues". I hope you enjoy it, we like the groove on this one! 



Pedal Power PT1 Dawn of the Drum Kit

In this 'early drumming' video we discuss the Dawn of the Drum kit by looking at the first attempts of combining the Bass drum, Snare drum, and Cymbals, previously played by three people.


Pedal Power PT2 Low Boys, Hi-hats and Bass Pedals

We talk all about the development of the 'Low Boy' which was altered in the early days through various radical design stages. This video also includes how how the hi-Hat and Bass Drum Pedals have changed throughout the decades.



London Drum Show - 2018

Last year Harry visited the London Drum Show. Here is a quick look around at as many stalls as he could take in during his fleeting visit. 




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