1970s American Rogers Drum Kit

We recently featured a 1970s American Rogers drum kit on Next Level Chops.

Owner 'Sticky WIcket' who you may all be familiar with by now bought the kit down to the studio and began removing drums from cases in the loading bay.

First Impressions:

When I saw it I instantly started making "nice drum kit" type noises, as I really loved the look of the kit. That deep Blue Onyx finish has so many layers depending on the light!

3 cups of tea later we'd finished setting the entire thing up and Sticky began making final tuning adjustments to all of those Toms. The warm but open tone of that you get from these shells was superb, and only complimented by that Chrome Dynasonic Snare Drum.

A note from Sticks...

I bought this kit from the sound guy at what was the Robin 1 venue some years back, well it was actually his Dad who sold it to me! I was there on a Saturday night with my Ludwig Super Classic Kit and the sound guy told me his Dad was selling a vintage kit and of course I was interested & furthermore his Dad was coming to the gig that night. Anyway to cut a long story short, as they say' he set it up for me on the Sunday at the Robin, I loved it & bought it!!!

The kit was as described in the video minus the 12" tom tom which I only bought last September from a dealer friend at Simon's Vintage Drum Fair...a must for next year folks if you've not been there already then get along, I'll have a stall there all weekend! Here's the link..https://vintagedrums.co.uk

Basically this kit was made in Fullerton by the Rogers company in around 1970 and the labels inside the drum indicate some as the 'Holiday' model and others as 'Powertone' which changed over in 1970 hence the date of this kit! The shells are 5-ply alternating Maple & Poplar.

American made Rogers drums, by that time, had become the top quality product of the day and pioneers the Swivomatic system for the tom holders, cymbal stands and bass drum pedals which was revolutionary in it's day! Also the unique Dynasonic Snare drum which has a great sound but can be a bit tricky to tune! A lot of drummers in the day, including myself shamefully, put Rogers fittings on their working kits. In my case it was a 60's Round Badge Gretsch Kit which I subsequently sold to a Steve Marriot fan as I had used it with him on gigs!

Despite their superior quality they were never really adopted by the rock players and so Ludwig mostly had it all their way with thanks to the likes of Ringo Starr & John Bonham followed by Slingerland & Gretsch until the Japanese companies took the market from the American companies.

Well that's it and I have to say that kit is a joy to play and one I have used consistently in the studio. Check out the forthcoming album with The Beki Brindle Band and here's a quick preview promo video of one of the tracks showing the kit!...and yes me that's in the crazy blue shirt behind the huge sunglasses!! Here's the link...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPerXG1GB5Y...by the way the vid what shot & edited by my son Lars Wickett..he's so talented & a great drummer!!!

If you haven't already seen the video that belongs to this blog post then please take a look as it is a real joy to watch Mr Sticky Wicket in action.

Sticky has an endorsement with Paiste cymbals and is using a mixture of 2002 series and Paiste Signature's on this video. He is also using Shaw drumsticks just like myself and so here is a link to where you can purchase some for yourself: BUY NOW

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