London Drum Show 2018

On Sunday 11th November I had the privilege of visiting the London Drum Show. This was my first experience of this particular event and I had a great afternoon filming, taking photos and speaking to some wonderful like-minded people. The London Drum Show is of course an Annual event so if you're not sure whether or not you should attend next year then read-on!

What it's all about:

The London Drum is a huge event in the heart of London which features top class drum clinics/ demonstrations, and an entire floors worth of retail therapy for anyone looking to try out the latest drumming goodies.

What I liked...

Apart from my unexpected good luck, which meant that I found FREE parking in the centre of London, I really enjoyed looking around the show. There were so many friendly and interesting people from around the globe who were more than happy to have a good chat, and to show off their often unique products. Of course most of the equipment on display was available for a test drive, and I can't think of anywhere else in the UK that offers so many new drum products in one place. I was intrigued to find out about new drum companies that I'd not previously heard of, and to meet new faces whom i'm sure I will see again in the future.

The diversity of the London Drum Show was truly superb, and with everything from information about practicing more effectively, to how to mic up your kit in the studio there really was something for everyone.

Would I re-visit the London Drum Show?

Yes, I would certainly attend the show again in the future, providing I didn't have a gig of course! It would be very interested to see how much the stalls change from year to year, and I also would have liked a little more time (as I could only be there on Sunday...due to gig commitments ;)) to watch some of the demos, and maybe even buy some things that I don't need because 4 drum kits isn't enough right?

My Final Thoughts:

Remember, if you do visit the show that it is 2 stories of drum kits and drummers, so it's perhaps slightly louder the flower show, or that one with the horses. A pair of ear defenders may be advisable, just so that you can enjoy this wonderful event for a little longer.

I look forward to showing you all my video of the show, and if you have not yet seen my gallery of photos then please click the link below, and take a look.

Click here to see my photo Gallery of the show.

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Thanks for reading.

Harry x

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